Sweets and Sin

FrontSweets and Sin – What started out as a bad decision, spending one night with a stranger ends up being the beginning of Serena’s adventurous and chaotic trip across Europe. It sure does help that the bad decision comes packaged as the sinfully delicious and tempting Jimmy Nixon – Jimmy the criminal, the thief and all round sweet and alluring guy. His humour and flirtatious demeanor certainly helps her through the chaos that follows him, but will it be enough to get her out of the mess he dragged her in and back on her way without him? Or does she want to stay?

Jimmy Nixon, the man with many talents, one of which is not being a normal law abiding citizen.
Constantly pulling his half-sister out of trouble he’s pretty much used to the disarray of his life, that is until the wild eyed, beautiful girl named Serena stumbles into his life and drags him under all with a simple laugh. He can’t help but want to spend more time with her, even among the problems that surround them they manage to comfort one another in ways more than just physical.

The connection that sizzles between them grows every step of their journey, and the more time they spend together, the harder it starts to become for either to say goodbye and move on with their life.



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