Dual POV – Boy VS Girl

As a female writer, one would generally think that I would gravitate to writing from a females point of view – since it’s what I am, what I know.

Strangely though…I loved writing from a male perspective..I found it so much fun!

In my first ever novel I decided on dual POV, and I found that in certain situations throughout the book it was good to get both the characters points of view, especially with the main concerning situation. It was easier with dual POV because the two main characters have known each other for a while, so it’s not like being inside one of their minds was giving anything away.

I’m currently writing my second book and I’ve decided on just one narrative, because essentially the male character is this enigma, this mystery man that will have a secret, or discover something huge. I wanted the readers to experience that discovery right along with the female character – to be shocked and awed just as much as the narrator of the story is.

Develop your characters personalities in detail!

I think the most important part of dual POV writing is that you really have to have the characters sound unique and distinct from one another. Make the novel flow easier if you can differentiate between the two narratives and not find yourself confused as to who is actually narrating.

Really have your characters personalities figured out, because what one might notice, the other might be oblivious to – or even things from their past might affect their judgement in particular situations.

I think after the novel I’m writing now, I might try my hand again at dual POV…I love reading and writing from a guys perspective!

Do you like reading dual POV novels?

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