How the journey began

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So as most young readers out there I started my reading journey with usual books assigned at school, or things I found at the library – Roald Dahl certainly a favourite.

As the years went on, I was of course lured into the magical world of Harry Potter, reading the series at least 10 times over – thanks J.K Rowling for producing such a descriptive and imaginative world to get lost in.

And finally I jumped on the band wagon and read The Fifty Shades of Grey series by E.L.James – now this book oh boy, this book opened up a whole new book genre for me. It was like word porn, and at my age I couldn’t help but get addicted to the new trend of erotic adult fiction.

Thus, a monster was created – I found book after book on Goodreads and devoured so many books in such a short period of time, I just couldn’t stop.

I noticed after a while my mind started involuntarily narrating my life as if it was a novel – ‘I walk to the kettle to make myself a coffee and say to myself -“Why am I narrating my mundane life as if I’m some kind of heroine in a romance story. And why am I talking to myself?”

And then it hit me – why can’t I be in a novel? Why not create a life that wasn’t so ordinary, write something unbelievable, something worth reading over, and something that I wouldn’t mind showing my friends and fellow readers.

This is how my writing journey began. I started writing notes, ideas, anything that sounded interesting – names, places, even personality traits.

Before I knew it, I somehow managed to start a novel. I had characters, even with nicknames and a story line worth writing about. After a while I’d get other ideas and then start another story, and then ended up with about 4 novels on the go that I jumped between.

In about April 2015 I finally managed to finish one of those novels – ‘Chasing Charli’. At first I contemplated whether or not I was brave enough to show anyone or even tell anyone about it – I was already proud of myself anyway for finishing a book and thought that was success in itself.

After talking to a few friends that read the same naughty adult fiction books I finally pulled on my big girl panties and professed to my love of writing, and to finishing my first book. I was surprised to find that not only was everyone thrilled about my completed work, they were actually eager to get their hands on it.

After some fine tuning and editing, and a few pointers from readers, I was happy enough with the finished product.

I’ve published several novels on numerous sites and in the meantime, I’m still writing other stories, other witty, funny novels in the hopes that one day, one of them will be great enough to become a best seller.

And so I leave you with this:

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

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